The Principle of Giving and Receiving

Greetings Destiny Friends, We are familiar with the saying; givers never lack, and the giver’s hand is always on top. Isn’t it true that you can’t spray fragrance on somebody without leaving a trace on your palm? Just like succeeding in life follows laid down principles, receiving in life also follows principles. In law, a Latin … Continue reading The Principle of Giving and Receiving

Perception and Reality of Life

Greetings Destiny Friends, Among the many mysteries surrounding life, the greatest of them all is life itself. This is because one cannot completely understand life in its shape or form. According to some schools of thought, understanding life is akin to understanding a woman. You must agree with me that the year 2020 will not … Continue reading Perception and Reality of Life

The Opportunity You Need in 2021

“The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes.” --Benjamin Disraeli Dear Destiny Friends, Happy New Year. It is a thing of joy to celebrate a new year. Today being the first of January 2021 is very symbolic because it gives us an opportunity to make new resolutions, it usher's new opportunities … Continue reading The Opportunity You Need in 2021

Listen to the Voice of Your Conscience

Dear Destiny Friends, I wish to begin this article by wishing everyone a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Today being the 25th day of December is 2020 is an opportunity and day to be happy. As widely proclaimed, it is the assumed date Jesus Christ was born. One of the greatest lessons Jesus … Continue reading Listen to the Voice of Your Conscience

You Are the Remote Control of Your Life

In less than two weeks, the year 2020 will fizzle out, paving the way for the grand entry of the year 2021. Without mincing words, the year 202O came with its share of mixed feelings; to some it was a blessing and to others, a total disaster. One thing about life however, is its unpredictable … Continue reading You Are the Remote Control of Your Life

The Fragility of Life

Greetings Dear Friends Everything in life is truly a struggle, especially as it relates to third world countries. Nobody will entrust you with opportunities if you don’t work for it. In civilized climes where dignity of work is appreciated, you must earn whatever opportunity comes your way. In our daily search for the meaning and … Continue reading The Fragility of Life

Your Life Is Not Over Yet

Greetings Dear Friends, I officially welcome you to the last month of the year.  The year is gradually coming to an end. At the inception of the year, we all made resolutions and had plans and expectations of what we intend to do before the end of the year. Some of us measured our successes … Continue reading Your Life Is Not Over Yet

You Can’t Rush Success

Greetings Dear Friends, Human beings are generally impatient.  We always like to get things with little or no stress. It should be noted there’s a right way of getting things done as well as an efficient way. In order to make progress, one needs a structure, but more importantly, a process. According to Abraham Lincoln, … Continue reading You Can’t Rush Success

Kick Out That Poverty Mentality

Dear Destiny Friends, It is generally believed that poverty is a disease. According to some schools of thought, poverty is infectious. These schools of thought believe that when you hang around with poor people, you’ll subconsciously begin to think and act like them. That’s why it’s highly imperative to be around great minds, and if … Continue reading Kick Out That Poverty Mentality

Congrats Joe Biden – President Elect of the United States of America

Dear Destiny Friends, It’s always a thing of joy to watch the United States of America’s presidential election. Every four years, US citizens go to the polls to elect their leaders in the House of Representations, Senate, and Presidency. The world is always at standstill every four years as the United States citizens go to … Continue reading Congrats Joe Biden – President Elect of the United States of America