You Are the Captain of Your Life

Dear Destiny Friends, I would like to begin today’s article with an experience I had with elementary school students. I was privileged to speak with the amazing students on what they would like to be in the future. I started by telling them about myself and how I became a lawyer, author, life coach and … Continue reading You Are the Captain of Your Life

Handle Your Success with Care

Dear Destiny Friends, Whenever you take delivery of very important and fragile packages, you are bound to see, boldly written at a corner, ‘handle with care’, In the same vein, once you have taken delivery of success in whatever form, there is a sign at a corner of your mind, saying handle with care. Success … Continue reading Handle Your Success with Care

The test of Patience

Dear Destiny Friends, In the journey of life, patience remains one of the greatest tests anyone can face. Your patience will surely be tested, one way or another. It could be in personal and professional development including family life, workplace, school activities, friendship, or religious life. Just imagine being in a long queue in a … Continue reading The test of Patience

The Innovative Power of Peace of Mind

Dear Destiny Friends, Peace is a universal word, and a concept that is globally accepted to promote progress. It is obvious that there can never be progress in an unstable environment. In the same vein, no country can thrive economically if there’s instability, just as no reasonable investor would invest in a country where there … Continue reading The Innovative Power of Peace of Mind

Live to leave a Legacy

Dear Destiny Friends, Life is about legacies; both negative and positive. However, the question one needs to ask himself is, which legacy would I want to leave behind? To understand legacy, just imagine a dead man about to be buried. A lot of people will gather to witness the event, and each of them will … Continue reading Live to leave a Legacy

You Can’t Rush God

Dear Destiny Friends, We have just left the comfort of the Good Friday, and it is my pleasure  to begin by wishing all Christians a Happy Good Friday. For the non-Christians, Good Friday symbolizes the day Jesus Christ died on the cross for mankind, and rose again three days later (Easter). Much as this article … Continue reading You Can’t Rush God

The Gift of Life

Dear Destiny Friends, According to Gary Chapman in his best-selling book “The Five Love language”, there are five love languages, namely: words affirmation, gift, services, physical touch, and time. However, much as this article isn’t about love, I have to make this reference because of Chapman’s idea of gifts. Do you know that life is … Continue reading The Gift of Life

How to Create Your Own Pathway to Success

Dear Destiny Friends, You will agree with me that nothing brings joy to the heart more than success. While success comes in different forms, it means different things to different people. Some people may see success as having good children, building a house, running a business conglomerate or raising a good family while some others … Continue reading How to Create Your Own Pathway to Success

Living Above the Challenges of Life

Dear Destiny Friends, Challenges are regular occurrences in human existence, and so it is commonplace for them to be experienced in the cause of day to day activities. A living being is therefore licensed to encounter one form of challenge or another. Of a truth, challenges come in different shapes and sizes. It can be … Continue reading Living Above the Challenges of Life

Investing in Yourself

Greeting Destiny Friends, My strong Christian faith has taught me that the best investment ever is the one invested in God, and I am unapologetic about it. This is because when you invest in God, you put your trust in him, and when you put your trust in him, he invests in you by providing … Continue reading Investing in Yourself