TITLE: Miracle Man

AUTHOR: William R. Leibowitz.

Published By Manifesto Media Group, a division of ILP Limited Copyright © 2014 by William R. Leibowitz
ISBN-13: 978-0-9898662-1-7

REVIEWER: Dr. Yomi Garnett

This remarkable story weaves itself through the incredible life path of a unique human genius, and highlights all that could be painful and traumatic in the turbulent life of an uncommonly gifted mental prodigy. The intensive and effective research that must have been employed to furnish the reader with a brilliant insight into the world of the child prodigy is more than justified by the rare, yet profound insight into the bewildering world of the exceptionally gifted child.

Another remarkable thing about this book is that it serves the reader with an enormous amount of not-so-common knowledge in the rarefied fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry and genetic medicine, and the use of language in articulating technical, scientific terms is nothing short of impressive. In particular, this is a novel that will have immense appeal for readers with a mathematical inclination and bent of mind, as it, in a refreshingly simple manner, demystifies the sometimes bewildering mysteries of the mathematical sciences. Of perhaps, far greater fascination is the ingenious manner with which the author integrates the subject of physics into the the world of medicine, employing the rarefied field of autoimmune diseases as template.
The author must be commended for the intense research he must have deployed to a proper grasp of a discipline in which he probably does not have formal instruction.
Indeed, I’ve always been of the opinion that a work of fiction, no matter how suspense-filled, that does not contribute in any way to the groundswell of human knowledge, and rather seeks only to entertain, is not work worth its weight in print paper.

Although the way high-level espionage was employed to draw the main character into an amorous relationship for the ultimate benefit of the nation-state will leave the reader breathless, in my opinion, there is insufficient dramatization of key events, such as tragedy. Admittedly, open-ended scenarios can lead the reader to make accurate suppositions on unfolding events, but perhaps a bit more teeth could have been given to the description of life-altering drama.
And while fiction gives a lot of latitude in playing with the imagination, a degree of graphic sequence in the description of scenarios can prove invaluable for the consistent engagement of reader attention. I found, in some instances, what I may call inconsistence in event descriptions, although it must also be stressed that this did not adversely affect the flow of the story itself.
The author takes his reader to a most dramatic climax towards the end of the book, as the main character, after an assumed assassination attempt, which threw him into prolonged coma, and having long been given up as a state-sustained mental vegetable, against all but the most incredible odds in the annals of medicine, suddenly comes out of a six month-long coma. Finally, the author’s brilliant literary mind becomes evident in the remarkable loss of the main character’s prodigious intellect, and the total loss of his prodigious memory, as an aftermath of his prolonged coma.
As a final stroke of uncommon literary creativity, the self-destructive personality that was identified as an accompaniment of extraordinary genius is finally discovered to be the actual assasin!

Miracle Man is a most engaging tale, which, not unlike most stories of its ilk, does not start to arrest your total absorption and fascination until much later in the book.
Ultimately however, this is a novel that I would read over, and again, both for its entertainment, and its intellectual value.

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