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As fondly stated, change is the only thing that is constant in life. One of the best things that can happen to anyone is to continually improve himself. As a Human Capacity Coach, I cannot overemphasize the importance of personal and professional development. What most people don’t know is that, before you succeed in business, you must succeed in your personal life. This is because people will believe in you before they invest in your business.  You may be wondering how this works. It’s very easy. If you are teaching people how to get rich, they want to see you as a rich person. If you are teaching people about leadership and service to humanity, they would like to see you exhibiting such traits. Even on social media, celebrities normally have more followers than their business pages. That goes to tell you people will buy into you before they buy into your product.

You may be wondering what self-development is. Self-development is basically adding value to yourself. This value can be by reading, learning a skill/trade, getting a degree, or improving yourself in an area of interest. In a nutshell, self-development refers to doing better than you did yesterday. The best way to develop yourself is by competing with yourself as opposed to competing with other people. The hallmark of self-development is improving yourself by engaging in any productive activity that you did the previous day.

The benefit of self-development is priceless. It enhances your self-worth, increases your value, and enhances your personal and professional outlook. I will share with you a personal experience. About a decade ago, I was a horrible writer, I used to have stage fright speaking in public and engaging people. Over time, I had mentors who were willing to groom me to be a great writer, public speaker, and awesome communicator, in addition to the fact that I was intentional in improving myself. The desire to improve my writing skill was the catalyst I needed to inspire myself. When I look back on my writing, speaking, and personal relationship skills, I do know a lot of transformation has taken place.

When you develop yourself, you are bound to develop self-confidence. Self-confidence has to do with what you know, how you do what you know and who you know. All these fuels your self-confidence. When it comes to attaining knowledge, the biggest danger is not knowing what you don’t know. So, in order to improve yourself, you must engage in activities that can help you to improve yourself in the area you are lacking.

How to develop yourself

To develop yourself, the first point of call is the mind. You must be willing to change and leave whatever has made you fail. In other to do this, you must have a growth mindset which helps you to learn by thinking out of the box.

Acquire knowledge

There’s no end to learning. We’ll continue to learn until we leave this sinful earth. The moment we stop to learn, we stop growing. It should be noted that you’ll have to learn first before you earn. Learning comes in several stages; it can be online or in-person. One can even learn a language. In our contemporary society, learning a language has become an additional value to one’s resume, especially when applying for certain international jobs.

Learn a skill

You cannot overemphasize the importance of learning a skill. In this 21st century, we live in a skill and knowledge-based economy. Every progressive and rational being is expected to have little knowledge about technology to compete favorably in the global space. In any capacity you are working in, your ability to be technologically savvy will give you a winning edge among your contemporaries and competitors, especially the knowledge to reinvent.

Build on your strengths

Another good way of developing yourself is by focusing on your strength and working on your weakness. The irony of life is that most people focus on showing the world their weakness instead of their strengths. The world don’t care about your weakness, they want to know how they can engage with your strength. Hence, it is imperative that you maximize your strength and work on your weakness.

Focusing on good habits

If you are serious about developing yourself, a critical area you need to pay attention to is your habit. Habits play a big role in the development of any individual. For instance, if you are a consummate alcoholic drinker, it will be difficult for serious-minded people to take you serious. If you are determined to achieve a set target, you are generally expected to wake early and sleep late. And if you want to improve your physique, you are expected to go to the gym on a regular basis and work on your diet.

Write a letter to your future

Another area that can inspire you to develop yourself is to write a note or letter to your future self on what you would like to be in the near future. Place this note on your bed or at a conspicuous area you can see it every day when you wake, and before you sleep. Do yourself a favor and recite the note to yourself. Trust me, if you do this for a substantial period of time, you’ll subconsciously be inspired to work on it.


The final, but not the least, point in developing yourself is by requesting feedback from friends, associates, colleagues, mentors’ family members, and from the general public on how you can improve. Sometimes, constructive feedback helps us to improve our product and personality. If you are a writer, actor, leader, artist, etc., always endeavor to ask for feedback from people to know how you can improve. Trust me, if you do this, you will be surprised to see the kind of feedback you will get from people, who ordinarily might not be open to reaching out to you.

In conclusion, make a conscious effort to add value to your life or business by developing yourself because people will buy into you first before they buy into your product. When is the time to develop yourself? Now!

Henry Ukazu writes from New York. He’s a Human Capacity & mindset coach. He’s also a public speaker, youth advocate and creative writer. He works with the New York City Department of Correction as the Legal Coordinator. He’s the author of the acclaimed book Design Your Destiny – Actualizing Your Birthright To Success and President of He can be reached via

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Henry Ukazu is a graduate of New York Law School. He is Founder and President at Global Empowerment & Mentoring Initiative. A trained life coach, prolific writer, and passionate youth advocate, he is also a highly sought-after public speaker. He is author of the acclaimed book, “Design Your Destiny- Actualizing Your Birthright to Success.

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