My name is Henry Ukazu. I graduated from New York Law school with a Masters degree in Taxation (LL.M). I currently work for New York City Department of Correction as the Legal Coordinator.

I am an experienced tax preparer. I am a certified Tax Preparer by the Internal Revenue Service. I also have  a solid background in Social Service having worked for Sebco Corporation, a private organisation operating under the auspices of New York Department of Homeless Services.

I had my High School, bachelor and Law school in Nigeria before emigrating to New York after being called to the Nigerian Bar to further my academical and professional life. I am a prolific writer. By the special grace of God, I am the author of the acclaimed inspirational and motivational book Design Your Destiny- Actualizing Your Birthright to Success- a creative book which centers on self discovery and how you can unleash your potentials by maximizing your failures.

I am  a very dynamic person. I am the product of grace. What most people don’t know about me is that I have a humble background. I have literally succeeded in life because of strong family ties, friends and mentors who showed uncommon favor to me. I can go on and on, but I will leave the rest of the story to be told at a later time.

My passion to serve humanity made me to study law. With this profession, my ultimate goal in life is to be the father to the fatherless, mother to the motherless and defender to the defendless.

I am a big believer of change and social justice in our society. I am a progressive being who likes advocating for the youths.  I am passionate about leadership through service. I like educating, mentoring, enlightening folks, and giving speeches. I am also passionate about empowering humanity especially the youths. I derive joy and satisfaction affecting the lives of people positively. By doing such deeds, my life and mission on earth is complete in addition to being fulfilled when I put smiles on the faces of people I come across daily. My ultimate aim in life is to leave the world better than I met it and also do same for any person I come in contact with.

I rely on the Ubuntu theory which literally means, I am because we are, I am because of what other people have made of me. It’s my utmost believe and understanding that we are on earth for humanity and the best investment we can have on earth is to invest in humanity.

If you have any question or need to contact me, you can reach me via henrous@gmail.com


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  1. Henry it was very reaffirming to speak to you. You truly have the passion to be the speaker that you are. You should commence the institution. God given!


    1. Thanks Belinda, l derive strength from people like you. I do hope you our friendship will lead to meaningful productive and healthy association. Cheers….. in all the amazing things you do.


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