Guard Your Secret

Greetings Destiny Friends, As human beings, we have different character traits, personalities, gifts/talents, skills and abilities. These are what makes us unique beings, but at the top of this different genes lies our secrets. It should be noted that your secret is what makes you strong and probably successful. Your secret is basically your life. … Continue reading Guard Your Secret

Overcoming Secret Frustration

Dear Destiny Friends, If we are truly honest with ourselves, we’ll definitely know that, globally, the world is really experiencing challenging times as a result of the Coronavirus scourge. This has caused a lot of agonies for families, businesses, and governments. Many people have lost loved ones, businesses are gradually folding up, and the governance … Continue reading Overcoming Secret Frustration

Your vision, Your Life

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others” – Jonathan Swift  We all have vision. Whether you are a student, businessman/woman, teacher/professor, art man/woman, politician, leader or even a family-oriented person, you have an idea of the kind of life you will like to live and how you will like the future to … Continue reading Your vision, Your Life

Unleash Your Potential

Greetings Destiny Friends, Each and every one of us has potentials lying inside of us. I call it, the seeds of greatness. Imagine having a seed in your hand, if properly cultivated, that seed is capable of producing millions of seeds in addition to making a forest. One of the major reasons why most people … Continue reading Unleash Your Potential

Distinguish Your Brand

Greetings Destiny Friends, Beauty lies in the eyes in the beholder is a popular saying, which has proved to be true because if you ask ten blind men to describe an elephant, they’ll describe the elephant based on the way they feel it. One of the beauty-aspects of life is its originality. In this contemporary … Continue reading Distinguish Your Brand

The Power of Positive Expectation

Greetings Destiny Friends, It is no news that every human beings has different and unique expectations towards life. These expectations are not limited to how we’ll like to live our life, the kind of person we’ll like to get married to or the kind of business we’ll like to have. We normally get fulfillment when … Continue reading The Power of Positive Expectation

Define Your Purpose

Greetings Destiny Friends, Today, I would like to ask some simple but intriguing questions. Who are you? Who do people say you are? What do you want from life? Be as honest as possible to tell yourself the truth. Remember, the worst thing you can ever do to yourself is to tell yourself lies. This … Continue reading Define Your Purpose