Purge Your Heart on Negative Thoughts

Dear Destiny Friends, The joy of life is not how happy you are, but how happy others can be because of you. Nothing soothes and excites the heart more than happiness. When your body is excited, it excretes adrenaline hormone. If you will agree with me, happiness cannot be hidden no matter how one tries. … Continue reading Purge Your Heart on Negative Thoughts

The Strategy for Success

Greetings Destiny Friends, I’m sure that many thoughts run through your mind whenever you hear of success; thoughts such as accomplished entrepreneurship, academic achievement, money, or even vision. What most fail people to realize however, is that there’s no success without a strategy. \ Just like every business has a selling secret, every success has … Continue reading The Strategy for Success


Dear Destiny Friends, It’s a fact of life that everyone desires to be the best in whatever they do. Nobody wants to take the second position. Also, everyone loves the best person in any field whether it relates to health, law, artisanship, or pastoral calling. Let us take for example, if you are sick, won’t … Continue reading STAND OUT

Creating Opportunities for Wealth

Dear Destiny Friends, Each of us wants to be successful, but many of us are not working in the direction of success. Talk is usually cheap. If you really want to succeed in life, you must walk the talk. Success means different things to different people, to some success, means financial success, academic success, marital … Continue reading Creating Opportunities for Wealth

Create Your Own Path

Greetings Destiny Friends, It is a well-acknowledged fact that the way you make your bed is how you will lie on it. This implies that nobody will literally give you success; you must demand it. No great or successful man/woman ever succeeded by luck, no, they took a reasonable risk by creating their own path … Continue reading Create Your Own Path

Nobody is Holding You Back

Greetings Destiny Friends, As humans, it is normal to feel disliked when we don’t get the desired attention or job we crave for. It is also normal to blame our environment or lack of education as being responsible for a lack of opportunities. Sometimes, we feel because our parents are born poor, that’s why we are … Continue reading Nobody is Holding You Back

Design Your Destiny

Greetings Destiny Friends, One of life’s most misconstrued concepts is destiny. If you ask a thousand and one persons what destiny is, they will give you a thousand and one definitions based on their understanding. Some might relate it to the spiritual, some might define it from the educational perspective, while other schools of thought might … Continue reading Design Your Destiny

The Principle of Giving and Receiving

Greetings Destiny Friends, We are familiar with the saying; givers never lack, and the giver’s hand is always on top. Isn’t it true that you can’t spray fragrance on somebody without leaving a trace on your palm? Just like succeeding in life follows laid down principles, receiving in life also follows principles. In law, a Latin … Continue reading The Principle of Giving and Receiving

Perception and Reality of Life

Greetings Destiny Friends, Among the many mysteries surrounding life, the greatest of them all is life itself. This is because one cannot completely understand life in its shape or form. According to some schools of thought, understanding life is akin to understanding a woman. You must agree with me that the year 2020 will not … Continue reading Perception and Reality of Life

The Opportunity You Need in 2021

“The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes.” --Benjamin Disraeli Dear Destiny Friends, Happy New Year. It is a thing of joy to celebrate a new year. Today being the first of January 2021 is very symbolic because it gives us an opportunity to make new resolutions, it usher's new opportunities … Continue reading The Opportunity You Need in 2021

Listen to the Voice of Your Conscience

Dear Destiny Friends, I wish to begin this article by wishing everyone a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Today being the 25th day of December is 2020 is an opportunity and day to be happy. As widely proclaimed, it is the assumed date Jesus Christ was born. One of the greatest lessons Jesus … Continue reading Listen to the Voice of Your Conscience