Purge Your Heart on Negative Thoughts

Dear Destiny Friends, The joy of life is not how happy you are, but how happy others can be because of you. Nothing soothes and excites the heart more than happiness. When your body is excited, it excretes adrenaline hormone. If you will agree with me, happiness cannot be hidden no matter how one tries. … Continue reading Purge Your Heart on Negative Thoughts

Differentiating Between Goals and Desires in Attaining Success

Dear Destiny Friends, Much as succeeding entails a lot of work, it is important to note that one must desire success before success comes to him. Success doesn’t just come to you; you attract success by the work you do. Success does not attract excellence; it is excellence that attracts success, which in turn attracts … Continue reading Differentiating Between Goals and Desires in Attaining Success

Understanding the Principles of Process

Dear Destined Friends, Life is filled with principles and once you miss out on the right principle, it will be difficult to recover from it. Imagine a student trying to solve mathematical problems, and misses the formula, he is likely to get the wrong answer. As a Law student or lawyer, before you can successfully … Continue reading Understanding the Principles of Process

The Game-Changer for 2022

Dear Destiny Friends, It is a great pleasure to be alive to witness the year 2022. The year 2021 has come and gone with it’s own challenges and blessings. It’s quite interesting to note that every year, we make new resolutions and plans with respect to our ambitions, desires and expectations but it’s unfortunate to note … Continue reading The Game-Changer for 2022

Christmas is for Joy and Appreciation

Dear Destiny Friends, It’s that time of the year again when Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s Christmas! Without mincing words, the season of Christmas comes with a special kind of feeling, and many people celebrate it in different ways. Some people celebrate it by spending a chunk of … Continue reading Christmas is for Joy and Appreciation

The Power of Words

Dear Destiny Friends, “You can change the course of your life with your words.” Anonymous Every one of us has the power to shape not only our life but the life of the people around us. As a parent, you have the power to speak life into your unborn and living child. Nobody has the … Continue reading The Power of Words

The Turning Point of Your Life

Dear Destiny Friends, Everyone of us has experienced a turning point at one time or another in life. The turning point can be when you marry; when you achieve academic excellence; when you meet a great man/woman; when you get a job/promotion; when you travel; when you became financial independent; when you are blessed with … Continue reading The Turning Point of Your Life

December 3rd is Made for Henry ‘the Great’ Ukazu

By Sodeeq Abdulakeem Sulyman ….when a man purges his path, honours will have a safe passage to continually locate him” – Eric Elezuo To those who are yet to meet Henry Ukazu, today is like every other day. But to those whose path have crossed with Henry Ukazu’s, today is that special day a unique … Continue reading December 3rd is Made for Henry ‘the Great’ Ukazu

Your Value is Your Influence

Dear Destiny Friends, When you hear the word value, what comes to your mind? Value means different things to different people. To an academic, value might mean their academic credentials; to an employer, value might mean what a prospective employee might bring to the table; to a married partner or someone in a relationship, their … Continue reading Your Value is Your Influence

Nigeria and 2023 Presidential Election

Dear Destiny Friends, Politics is one is of the most interesting games in the world. It is a game that naturally should be played with love and understanding. However, one of the most controversial factors that is always at play in politics is interest. This is because everyone has something to gain if their candidates … Continue reading Nigeria and 2023 Presidential Election

Relationship is the New Currency

Dear Destiny Friends, The value of a relationship cannot be overemphasized. The right relationship is gold. The right relationship is a diamond. The right relationship is priceless. One of the best things that can happen to any person is to have the right relationship. Every living creature, both animals and human beings needs a relationship … Continue reading Relationship is the New Currency