Choose Your Name Wisely

Greetings Dear Friends, We all have names which our parents, godfather/mother, or even good relatives and friends gave to us at birth, and we always like to be addressed rightly and with respect before we respond. Just to let you know how powerful your name can be, if you are called a name that is … Continue reading Choose Your Name Wisely

Be Prepared

Greetings Dear Friends, Growing up as kids we all had desires, dreams, and visions of the kind of profession we wished to be identified with or engaged in. We all had that fantasy personality we wished to be. Fast forward to two or more decades later, we realise that while we have been able to … Continue reading Be Prepared

The Experience of Life

Greetings Dear Friends, Life is an experience every one of us must surely pass through. It is often said that our experience shapes/defines who we are. Regardless of how true or false you may feel about life, you’ll agree with me that to a reasonable extent, your experience has helped to shape some of your … Continue reading The Experience of Life

Inspire Yourself

Greetings Dear Friends, I guess you may have heard the saying, ‘the joy of life is not how happy you are but how happy others can be because of you’. There’s always an internal feeling of warmth and fulfillment to know that because of the role you played in the life of someone, who can … Continue reading Inspire Yourself

Expand Your Knowledge, Expand Your Business

Greetings Dear Friends, There’s a general presumption that knowledge is power, but in reality, the real power is applied knowledge. This is because if you have knowledge only stored in your brain without the actual application, you might not have the same respect as someone who takes advantage of the opportunity of expressing his/her thoughts. … Continue reading Expand Your Knowledge, Expand Your Business

Run Your Race

Greetings Friends, Every living being has a race to run provided you are alive. Every animal has a race to run. Every business, organization, and government has a race to run.  Have you ever wondered why newborn babies cry after delivery? On a literal note, they cry because they are about to begin their journey.  … Continue reading Run Your Race

The Price of Success

Greetings Dear Friends, It’s well established fact every success comes with a price. You may have heard of the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day. Just like the building of a house has a foundation, every worthwhile project must have a foundation.  In the same way, true success comes with a price. Per B.C Forbes, … Continue reading The Price of Success