Don’t Rush Life

Greetings Destiny Friends, As insatiable beings, we have the tendency to rush at almost everything; food, queue, success and more. What we fail to understand however, is that rushing adds stress and anxiety to life, and this can affect one’s mental state, overtime. Against this backdrop, note that there’s a thin line of difference between … Continue reading Don’t Rush Life

Don’t Give Up

Greetings Destiny Friends, We all have, at one point, felt like giving up on life. This natural feeling, especially comes to us when we have all it takes to create an idea, business, relationship or even learning a course or trade. You may have dreams, and may have done the needful to actualize those dreams, but still … Continue reading Don’t Give Up

You’re Work in Progress

Greetings Destiny Friends, Man, by nature, is insatiable. He is endowed with the tendency to always crave for more, especially the good things of life. And when he gets one, he immediately desires another, and the circle continues. That’s simply human nature for you. Progressive minds always set a target for themselves, and once they … Continue reading You’re Work in Progress

Don’t Allow People’s Perception Define You

Greetings Destiny Friends, In our contemporary society, perception is everything, most especially in this era of social media where people share information which either depicts their business, interest or passion. The good thing about sharing information however, is that it gives visibility which in turn attracts value. In communication, it is important to relate with … Continue reading Don’t Allow People’s Perception Define You

It’s Not Over Until You Succeed

Greetings Destiny Friends, Frustrations and lack of hope are some of the greatest killers of dreams. Oftentimes, we strive for opportunities, give our best, but have every reason or cause to give up on a particular vision or task, especially when the odds are against us. Your business, educational goals, or even religion might experience … Continue reading It’s Not Over Until You Succeed

Steadfastly Develop Your Craft

Greetings Destiny Friends, Life can be incredibly challenging and frustrating, especially when you are not getting desired results in your investments and craft. You may have been working on a product for a while and your dream is to introduce it to the market but it’s unfortunate if it doesn’t turn out as expected. As … Continue reading Steadfastly Develop Your Craft

Ignite Your Faith

Greetings Destiny Friends, We all have desires, dreams, passions, interest and “causes” which we hold dear to our heart. Just like we have different taste buds, we also have varieties of food. And as the old adage says, one man’s food is another man’s poison. In the journey of life, we all have a race … Continue reading Ignite Your Faith

The Power of the Mind

Greetings Destiny Friends, As rational beings, our greatest strength lies in the power of our mind. It’s quite unfortunate that many of us have not come to the sublime realization of how powerful and resourceful our mind can be if properly groomed. The human mind is capable of creating the unimaginable. Geniuses are regarded as … Continue reading The Power of the Mind

The Secret Behind Solving Other People’s Problems

Greetings Destiny Friends, As human beings, we all have problems, but what differentiates our problems is how we manage them. In the same vein, each of us have a secret frustration which no one knows. According to some schools of thought, we have three forms of lifestyle; public life, which we exhibit when we are … Continue reading The Secret Behind Solving Other People’s Problems

The Change We Need

Greetings Destiny Friends, It is an indisputable fact that the only permanent thing in life is change. This is because as rational human beings, we are bound to change. This change is not applicable to human beings alone; animals, objects, institutions, inventions and whatever that exists is not left out. They all go through the … Continue reading The Change We Need