Dear comrades and friends, today we shall be discussing about a salient issue/topic in life which is little but very powerful and resourceful depending on how it is been used. It is a fact that, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. That said, I will start by encouraging each and everyone of you to see life from a vantage point,  and them globally. Its only by seeing life from a mirror perspective that we can  appreciate what life is when we face the real music life offers us.

I belong to the school of thought that believe in learning from the foundation as opposed to dabbling into life from the middle and hoping things will gradually work out or miracle will happen out of the bliss  just because you have seen or experienced similar feats in life. But guess what, you can’t build something on nothing. In life, we are all different in terms of race, colour, personality trait, character, experience, religion/belief, concept/approach to life, orientation/background etc. And so, seeing life from this aspect  will be a good way to start life and in turn appreciating and dealing with it decisively when faced with challenges.

In order to relate successfully in life, and reap the dividends inherent in it, we must know our onions, and we can’t do this without having a good attitude towards life. Therefore in order to have the right attitude for success we must know the little things of life. The question now turns out to what are the little things of life? The little of life can be summed up in the words of Vincent Van Gogh “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together”. Another way of saying this is, the little things of life are what makes life beautiful and worth living. Let’s see it from a holistic point of view. If you are in a relationship/marriage, you must have the right attitude in order for you to have a blissful relationship/union. Example simple words like thank you, please, excuse me, I’m sorry, and smiles just to mention a few have proven to be the cornerstone of success in the society. I have often heard from folks/employees saying because of smile some folks have lost job during interviews. Moral: You don’t know who is interviewing you, you don’t know what they are big on and their turn ups/down. Again, its a fact that most folks have failed in life and in their profession because they lacked/neglected the foundational aspect/training of their academic/work requirements. Same goes to folks in relationships. Most folks especially ladies are big on what the men call trivial issues and guess what this is what makes the marriage/relationship collapse/strong. According to  Gary Chapman in his book entitled The Five Love Languages there are five love languages namely gifts, quality time, words affirmation, acts of service and physical touch. If a rational/sensible man can decipher when to use any of these love languages, trust me, he/she is on the right way of having any lady of his choice in addition to having a  blissful/smooth relationship

The question now turns to how do we go ahead with achieving the little things of life in order to achieve success in life? As mentioned earlier, I don’t believe in jumping into the ocean and start swimming. No one has started something in life without starting from somewhere. Therefore, it is imperative, before we start a journey we must first of all know where we are and where we are about to go. In understanding the little of things of life we shall examine the concept in relativity to the two components namely: Attitude and Character.

Attitude: Our attitude sums us our view/perspective towards life. Having the right attitude towards life shapes how we see life. As we know, folks don’t like dealing with people who have a negative character. If we have a healthy positive attitude as seen in Norman Vincent Peale’s  book “The power of positive thinking” I have no doubt that you are have a good grasps or foundation about life. This is because, how we respond to issues of life goes a long way to say what our values and approach to life is. Regardless of your profession/work its, only by having the right attitude to work in addition to having the right work ethics that you will be productive. In having the right attitude to work, you must pay attention to details, because these are the little things of life which I call the defining moments of your acceptability to work. This rule of thumb is also applicable to relationships and academic  (mathematics and legal profession) etc. Finally on attitude, relating to work issues, there’s is an efficient and right way of doing things. Most often, folks do things in bandwagon ways for efficient reasons, but that’s not the right way of doing things. In order to succeed in this atmosphere, we are advised to know” a person as opposed to knowing about them. In doing this, please see the points I raised on the second paragraph above. However, to be on the safer side, its better you do things in the right way. If at all you want to follow the bandwagon, let it be known that, you know the right way. By so doing, you are telling the all relevant persons concerned and the world in general, you not only have the right attitude to life, you also know the the little things of  life that matter in order to achieve the big things of life which makes the difference.

Character: This is the most important aspect/part of a living creature. There is a saying watch your thoughts they become your words, watch your words, they become your actions, watch your actions they become your character, and watch your character they become your destiny. Our character says a lot about us. There is a big difference between reputation and character.  Your reputation is what people think of you, your character is who you are.  Your character is what makes you what you are! What people think of you is not as important as to what you are. I say this because, folks will listen to you if they like you, but folks will only do business with you if they trust you. This goes to tell you, when you don’t have a good credit, that’s a red flag right there. Compared to character, its is highly advisable you be yourself, by so doing, you will not only attract the right people into your life, you will have the right attitude and approach to the little things of life that matter most in life. Therefore, it is highly advisable you work on your character as opposed to building your reputation. Make no mistake about this, reputation is fine, however, never you judge a book by its cover, unless you have read it and digested its content. Only then, will you have an informed mindset on what the author is talking/depicting in the book. Same goes to humanity, never you judge a person until you have met them or have have really engaged them in deep conversation either by way of of business dealings, life challenges, experiences or even walked through their shoes. The character of a human being cannot be hidden, one can fake, act, or even hide it for a temporary time,but at the tail end it will surface. It is only by having the right character approach to issues that we will attain success in whatever endeavor we find ourselves. Just like Aristotle rightly pointed out “ Excellence is not an act won by training and habituation. We do not act because we have the the virtue of excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not act, but a habit”.

Having given an in depth analysis and overview of the subject matter Therefore, it’s advisable we do the needful by applying the right attitude and approach to issues in life. I believe we can do it. Doing the needful and necessary does not involve big things, all that is required is that “we have to do the best that we can, this is our sacred human responsibility” as advised by Albert Einstein. By so doing, we are gradually cultivating and nurturing the good things of life.

Finally, it should be noted that, sometimes in life, all that is needed/ required is our little acts of love, concern, appreciation, support, etc to help folks who needs it in life. In moments like this, what is needed can be that little one hour minute, training, correction, counselling, support, service to humanity etc that a person needs in life to make even. As rightly pointed out by John Motley  “Deeds, not stones are the true monuments of the great”.  I therefore  implore, advise and encourage each and everyone of you to do the little things  of life which will makes the difference.  I will conclude with the words of  Theodore Roosevelt “Do what you can, with what you can have, where you are”. Its only by so doing that, we will be able to do the little things of life that shapes and matters most in life. Stay positive, inspire and change the world.

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