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Everything we do in life is centered on purpose. There is always a purpose in mind before one eats a particular meal, wears a particular cloth, studies a particular course, applies for a job, date or marry a particular spouse, and even go to an event of interest.

There’s no gainsaying the fact therefore, that without purpose, one is merely wasting his time.

Did you know that your purpose determines your function? In a wedding ceremony, at a job, and even in a football or soccer tournament, everyone has a task. It is that task that defines the responsibility of that person. When you leave your task and start doing another task, you might cause more harm than good, especially when you are not suited to perform that task. That’s literally how purpose works.

To further understand how purpose functions, check this classic example out; a car, phone, television, computer, and other instruments all come with a manual. This manual determines how they function, and without it, the equipment might not be able to function at optimal capacity.

In the same vein, to understand how destiny work, one needs to understand the creator of destiny. This is because nobody excels on his own. There’s a supernatural force that we may not be able to see, but can feel.

Did you know that your purpose works with your destiny?

When you work outside your purpose, you tend to work outside your destiny. It is in your purpose that you will find fulfillment and once you are fulfilled, you are bound to reach your destiny.

To understand the relationship between purpose and destiny, you will have to understand what purpose and destiny are. Purpose is the essence while destiny is the destination or end-product of a thing. Purpose can be described as what gives life meaning. Whatever does not have a purpose has little or no value. It is the purpose of a product that determines the kind of value the product will attract.

It’s, however, sad to note that many people have a unique purpose, but they fail to package it very well. When you package your purpose very well, you will be a sought after influence and a priceless jewel.

Each of us has one form of purpose or another, but we don’t take a conscious effort to groom our purpose. Your purpose can arrive early in life, and it can arrive late. Certain factors or actions usually happen for you to realize your purpose. Your purpose doesn’t come straight. Your purpose can come to you in the form of a dream, revelation, intuition, experience, encounter or even a setback.

When you realize your purpose, the best thing you can do is work on it. Delaying your purpose by refusing to follow it means you are delaying your progress in life. When you begin to work on your purpose, the universe will conspire with humanity to assist you in getting all the support you deserve.

Let me tell you how purpose works; if you have been assigned to do a particular assignment, and you neglect it for another, whatever else you do will be considered irrelevant. It’s just like you were instructed to buy a particular book for a final exam, and you bought another book. Your chances of passing the class will be very slim. That’s why it’s said that everything and anything you do outside of purpose defeats the purpose.

At creation, the creator gave you a life to fulfill your purpose and gave you a breath and life to fulfill that purpose, and so every amount given to you to achieve that purpose will be considered defeated if you don’t work in line with purpose.

When you are attached to your purpose, you will find meaning in your life; in the meaning, you will find strength, in the strength, you find direction and the direction will lead to inspiration to do the needful.  

In conclusion, make a conscious effort to figure out your purpose, when you find it, take the brave step to follow it to the latter, and when you do, you will experience joy, fulfillment, peace, happiness, and most importantly success, which automatically leads you to your destined path.

Henry Ukazu writes from New York. He’s a Human Capacity & mindset coach. He’s also a public speaker, youth advocate and creative writer. He works with the New York City Department of Correction as the Legal Coordinator. He’s the author of the acclaimed book Design Your Destiny – Actualizing Your Birthright To Success and President of He can be reached via

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Henry Ukazu is a graduate of New York Law School. He is Founder and President at Global Empowerment & Mentoring Initiative. A trained life coach, prolific writer, and passionate youth advocate, he is also a highly sought-after public speaker. He is author of the acclaimed book, “Design Your Destiny- Actualizing Your Birthright to Success.

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