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Peace is a universal word, and a concept that is globally accepted to promote progress. It is obvious that there can never be progress in an unstable environment. In the same vein, no country can thrive economically if there’s instability, just as no reasonable investor would invest in a country where there is insecurity. This is also applicable organizations, businesses, communities, families and many more where no tangible form of progress can be experienced if there is no peace.

It is important to note that everything in life happens in the mind. The mind is the battlefield for every action, and that explains why people are always advised to think and speak positively. For the sake of emphasis, most wars are first won in the mind; success is achieved won in the mind; and riches and wealth are first acquired in the mind. When the mind is at peace, wonders happen, but when the mind is troubled, nothing works out, be it in the family circle, at work places, school, enterprise or governance. To tell you how powerful the mind is, you can never receive any vision if your mind is not relaxed.

The greatest advantage peace brings to anyone or society is the power of innovation. This is because when there is stability in the land, every right-thinking person will be thinking about ideas on how society can thrive. If an organization already has a plan, it can innovate on how it can get better. In the same light, if there is harmony in the home, peace will thrive. Women have been attributed to peacemakers. It is said that when the woman is happy, the home is happy, but according to prolific writer, late Chinua Achebe, when the bed is shaking, there’s peace at home. But do women bring peace? Well, that’s a story for another day.

The importance of peace cannot be overemphasized. Peace brings clarity and when there’s clarity, the vision is clearer. There is little or no doubt about the next steps because peace clears confusion. All the great men and innovators, who have developed ingenious products tapped into the power of meditation before they were able to conceive great ideas.

The interesting thing about the innovative power of peace of mind is that it is magical. This is because ideas rule the world. Most times, people assume that just thinking alone can bring about ideas, yes, to some extent, but then, it is important to note there’s a difference between thinking and reasoning. While all reasoning is thinking, not all thinking is reasoning. You can have useless thoughts that add no value to humanity, but when you are reasoning, you are applying deeper and critical thoughts on how you can solve a problem or add value to society. Again, this is because ideas rule the world. Once your mind is fixated on an idea, it has a way of exploring many options to make the idea work.

You cannot underestimate the innovative power of the mind, especially when it is at peace. Peace of mind doesn’t just come to you, you must crave it by sleeping, eating healthy, exercising, meditating, and saturating your mind with positive thoughts.

In every sphere of life, we are faced with one form of challenge or another. These challenges come in different shapes and sizes. As a student, you may be wondering what major, or career path to take upon graduation. As a young person intending to get married, you may be wondering who to marry among your numerous friends. As a President, Governor, Minister, Commissioner, etc., you may be wondering about the best route or decision to take. As a parent, you may be wondering how to train your children, manage your family, etc. All these, and many more are some of the daily challenges we must go through to decide what’s best for us and the people looking up to us.

Despite the many thoughts that will be racing through your mind, one thing is certain, before you can make a good decision, you must surely have peace of mind. Without peace of mind, it will be hard to make the right decision. As a professional creative writer, I do know for a fact, that before I can write, my mind must be clear, focused, and sane, otherwise, I may be confused when writing. Writing, for all intent and purpose, entails having coherent thoughts for the right ideas to flow to enable the readership base to have a proper understanding of the point/message intended.

I will conclude by sharing some examples on the importance and advantage of peace of mind, and how it can lead to innovative ideas. Peace of mind makes one creative; it brings about focus through concentrating; it gives inner strength; it ensures tolerance; it frees one from stress and anxiety. It ensures that one focuses his mind on what they can do and change, as opposed to worrying about what they cannot change or do; it gives happiness and fulfillment. One is not bothered about what people are saying or thinking about him when there is peace of mind. 

In conclusion, to tap into the innovative power of peace of mind, try emptying the mind every day before going to sleep. It helps to bring sanity to the body system and ensures the mind is at par with the soul, and then there is a solid foundation to incubate and birth ingenious ideas.

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Henry Ukazu is a graduate of New York Law School. He is Founder and President at Global Empowerment & Mentoring Initiative. A trained life coach, prolific writer, and passionate youth advocate, he is also a highly sought-after public speaker. He is author of the acclaimed book, “Design Your Destiny- Actualizing Your Birthright to Success.

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